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I wonder why…

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  • I wonder why…

    …McCallum and Hardie are peddling closer spaced and smaller holed chanters. I remember some bagpiper from TX whining on and on about hole spacing and hole size several years ago. Maybe there was something to it?

    Anyone have thoughts on the Elevate chanter from MacLellan? It is Elevate right? Could be getting it confused with the Diadem Elevate tennis racquet (tennis is my new discretionary income black hole). Maybe I should start a tennis blog…

    How’s that for a discussion starter?
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    Elevation I think it is. Not for public sale yet. I might be picking one up when they are for sale. I would be super interested to see what you think about it.


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      I wonder why they’d listen to some guy in Texas? He probably just runs some blog or something like that.

      But it seems that they’re realizing they can make more customers (especially those of us with smaller hands) happy by making chanters that we can actually play.
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