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Duncan Macrae Pipe Chanter?

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  • Duncan Macrae Pipe Chanter?

    I took a virtual tour of the McCallum factory earlier this year and they mentioned working on a Macrae pipe chanter. It now shows up on their website as “coming soon” but I can’t find any information about it. Has anyone heard an update on details or a potential release date?
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    They do make a Macrea practice chanter. It’s listed in their on-line catalog.


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      Originally posted by Toxpert View Post
      They do make a Macrea practice chanter. It’s listed in their on-line catalog.
      That practice chanter looks nice but they specifically mentioned a new pipe chanter and it’s now a link on their website but it just goes to the main Macrae pipes website.


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        I had inquired about this pipe chanter some time ago (pre-pandemic I think) and at that time it was still in development. I recall Mr. Liddell played a prototype in a contest or recital I heard and that prompted my question. In the mists of my memory, I recall it was referred to as the Argyll (maybe?). I've not heard more about it, however, except for your question here. Curious, as always, though.
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          I too heard Mr. Liddell playing this prototype in a recital. IIRC he mentioned it was easier to achieve some of the alternative fingered notes.
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            I really hope that this chanter is out soon. I have the practice chanter and it is a joy to play. I also picked up a very battered original McCrea pipe chanter a while back. What is really interesting is how different it is from other chanters of the period. Slender - and very comfortable to play. Very nice sound and true scale too. will