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X-Treme Bass Reed Question/Issue (Possibly General Question)

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  • X-Treme Bass Reed Question/Issue (Possibly General Question)

    Hey all,

    I have 2 X-Treme Bass reeds, one (newer purchased directly from Chris) with a more matte finish on the body and the second (older, purchased used) with a more shiny finish on the body. The older one is great! The newer one however, has a definite GROWL to it. Threw it in 3 different sets I own, and the pressure is great, cut off comfortable, etc etc. However the tone of the drone is GROWL. Definitely rough. Anyone got any tips?

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    The matte finish is the hydrophobic material of the premium version. Be careful as the premium ones can bend if too much force is applied when seating the reed. I know from personal experience.

    Tongues the same length?

    Might try setting the tuning plug all the way in and/or moving the bridle back to lengthen the tongue. Of course shortening the tongue might work too, bass drones are weird and you haven’t told us what you’ve already tried.
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      Honestly I have not tried much at all. I unscrewed the tuning pin about 3-4 full turns to get the drone to tune where I wanted. That is it. I will be careful with that one from now on, thanks for the heads up. I will mess around with it tonight and see if I can get it to calm down.