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Rookie mistake - Bannatnye canister system

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  • Rookie mistake - Bannatnye canister system

    A little embarrassed, wondering if this has happened to someone else, if not I’ll be the first… Got home from my morning practice and went to remove the canister per the instructions… When I pulled out the canister the top part stayed with the tube assembly. If you’re familiar with the system that dump the entire contents (beads) “into” my pipe bag (good grief). The canister top took some waggling to remove but it’s out.

    Next steps? I’m thinking of “gluing” one end (closest to the yellow dot)… and once that if fixed/permanent - always insert that end into the tube assembly. Filling/charging would always be done from the “open” end. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the input!

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    The Ross system uses big rubber bands to keep the top secure to the canister, try something like that?


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      I made the same mistake

      The trick is to "lever" the canister out, not twist out out, which feels counter intuitive, but seems to work.

      I always stick the yellow dot end in first, in line with the wee arrow.

      try something like that?
      THe Bannatyne system has a big rubber cup that grips over the top of the canister. There are a couple of bands, but it's actually very securely connected even without them.
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