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Some Bb chanter musings

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    It was in the high 20s yesterday and the pipes settled in about 467, I had also used the mandrel on the reed about a week before. The selbies have performed well being hemped fairly high out and the tuning screws quite a ways out but no bridle adjustment,I did have one fall in the bag but no big deal , I'm thinking maybe plumbers tape or bees wax might give me a more stable seat. So far no major problems, I can see myself sticking with the b flat set up for the near future. I'm liking what I'm hearing, the tenors together seem more stable to me , the high A more pleasing , the bottom hand more depth.
    Good to hear the white mambas are working, it's a drone reed I am interested in trying so look forward to hearing your feedback in relationship to the b flat set up. So you are still using the Chesney standard reed? I'm using the Soutar , very happy, it's good info to know other reeds that could work at the 466 level and above. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but finding info on people going the B flat route is limited so what you are writing is increasing the knowledge base.