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Henderson cane drone reeds

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  • Henderson cane drone reeds

    Hi Everyone. In the past I have ordered cane bass drone reeds from Murray Henderson. I see that the web site has changed and not only are cane drone reeds not listed, but there is no way of sending a message. I did try sending a message to the email address I have used previously for Murray ([email protected]) but have not received a reply. Murray has always been pretty prompt in replying to emails, which makes me think that this email address perhaps no longer exists. Hence my question, is does anyone know if Murray is still making cane drone reeds (but just not listed on his current web page shop) and perhaps how to get into contact with Murray. Thanks in advance.

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    If I had checked my post more carefully, I would have seen the error ie that it should have a heading HENDERSON cane drone reeds, not nderson!


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      All sorted! I was using an out of date email address; Murray contacted me almost immediately I posted.