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Robertsons Ebay UK?

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  • Robertsons Ebay UK?

    Is it just me or does this set have a Robertson look about them?

    Problem is, there's one complete tenor and one complete bass only, with a quite old-looking extra bottom section.

    If the price was lower, and if it's shown to be a fullsize set, I suppose it could be worthwhile to have somebody make a replica tenor drone to match.

    Antique Bagpipes, Boxed. | eBay
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    Fabricate a replacement tenor top & bottom and a matching blow pipe…and replace the broken casein ring caps…you will have a rescued set of Robertsons. You could recoup a bit of $$ from that extraneous wood-mount bass bottom.
    The starting price is too high to be reasonable overall cost if you were to fix these up and sell them.
    One real concern…is the amount of mold and how deep the growth has penetrated into the wood. The pics show what looks to be considerable microbial growth that seller has tried to wipe away. The set could be a really smelly stinky set of pipes with the potential to restart microbe growth.


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      It does bear a resemblance, but the price is way too high.


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        I emailed the seller…he/she will ship to USA. The auction does have an offer option.
        perhaps a reasonable offer along with a nice note could bring the price down. Informing the seller for what they have/don’t have could result in a better understanding of value.
        Note…there’s always the risk of wood splits hiding…and then the possible stink factor that is difficult/impossible to cure.
        IMHO, I would ask that the bag be removed and disposed of along with the box before shipping. The less spread of microbes…the better.
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          Hi, yes they are Robertsons by the look of them. Need a bit of work though. will