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Cane drone reeds in a hybrid bag?

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  • Cane drone reeds in a hybrid bag?

    I've used synthetic reeds since I started on the pipes a few years ago, but am thinking about trying some cane reeds, are there any issues using them in a hybrid bag (Canmore) or are they better suited to sheepskin?
    I currently us a trap dri for moisture control.

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    I didn’t experience any unusual moisture issues with cane...same Hybrid bag, tube trap,trap-dri.

    With so many excellent Syn reeds available (my fav now for several years are White Mamba’s) it’s almost impossible to decide which sounds better...and the diff,imho,between cane and syn tone is as much of a challenge to differentiate.

    Cane vs syn in a tied in sheep bag might be a tich more notable to the ear of some....but many of the world tops are entrenched with all syn setups...except sometimes a cane bass reed.

    I’ve got dozens of sets of old cane reeds from competing days long relegated to “the box” in favor of more consistent quality syn reeds. Those cane sets were the winning epitome in the day...; unless playing at very top levels..cane is a rambling and challenging choice I think albeit a bit more consistently produced this century...
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      I've used a cane bass in my Canmore Hybrid with no issues, mainly due to the fact that the moisture level is so consistent in the bag. I've got no MCS in the drones and a tube trap. One thing I may suggest is a Tone Protector drone thingy for when you're not playing you pipes, normally with a sheepskin the cane holds a bit of moisture until you play again, not always the case with the Canmore.


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        Thanks, I've ordered a cane G1 bass and will see how it goes with some ezeedrone tenors. Just something to play around with really. I'm still deciding whether or not I want to go down the rabbit hole of sheepskin bags and cane.