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Changing bag position

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  • Changing bag position

    The other day while playing, I randomly decided to change the position I hold my bag in. Seems like a normal thing to do after 17 or 18 years of playing, right?

    Anyway, I normally keep the bag as far back and as high as I can. I decided to try it with the widest part at the rear of the bag under my arm instead, putting the front of the bag up a little higher (and conveniently placing the blowpipe exactly where I want it). Playing seemed fine (maybe even a bit easier, if not just different squeezing feeling) and the situation of the drones on my shoulder seemed a bit more comfortable.

    Has anyone else randomly switched things up after playing one way for a long time?
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    Absolutely. After about 20 years, I now try to hold the bag lower and a little further forward. When performing with a jacket, this is what tends to happen, so I started doing this while practicing, so as to be comfortable with the posture that my clothing sometimes dictates.


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      Definitely. I've played a few bags over the years and since purchasing my newest bag I've worked to get as ergonomic as possible this last year. Working to be as fully relaxed in my body as possible with the steadiest blowing I can muster.
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        I’ve had to adjust my bag position and blowpipe length recently due to rotator cuff injury.
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          I've also been trying different lower bag position to see if it will improve my top hand, add to this concentrating on relaxing the hands.