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Inverted drone reed vs. “normal”?

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  • Inverted drone reed vs. “normal”?

    I’m playing a set on Nail pipes, and have a traditional set of Ezeedrone reeds (3months into the journey). My pipes are down for maintenance and I’m ordering from Henderson‘s… was thinking about a different “base reed”.

    The current “normal” base reed sounds ok, but I’m I am bored, and I am placing an order anyway… Any suggestions (non cane) on what might be fun for a new base drone reed? Pipe set up is strictly solo… looking for suggestions/opinions on what to pair with the 2 Ezeedrone tenor reeds.

    Thanks for the support!

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    If you can snag an x-treme bass (regular) that’s what I would get from a retailer. Or an original or Evolution Kinnaird.
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      I've had good luck with an Ezeedrone inverted bass drone reed in Naill pipes, and really like the extra exhorbant inverted bass drone reed. Cheers.


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        I'd second the suggestion for a Kinnaird or X-treme bass.
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          I haven't owned or played Naill pipes so I can't say a tonal preference there but Hendersons does have a video of a Naill pipe going with all Ezeedrone that sounds good in the recording.

          For bass reeds I will third the Kinnaird Original or Evolution (not the Edge). Be aware that if you purchase an Original, there are two pitches (reed body lengths) and two reed strengths (tongue thicknesses).

          The regular strength is for a military commando, the easy strength is for typical people. There is a list that Kinnaird has on the site which helps suggest which pitch (length), Regular or Lower pitch, for which make of pipes, but I found I had to have the long version (lower pitch) for my pipes after I purchased the Regular version and couldn't use it. Kinnaird does not exchange or return any reed if it's been handled (they say for sanitary reasons though virus structures die quickly from exposure and there are more bacteria on our phones and everything we touch regardless), so I lost $40USD on a single reed (). Excellent reeds though.
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            I’ve looked on line… no reference to the “original” Kinnaird synthetic… I called the maker but they weren’t available to chat. Tonight I’ll do som research on the Evolution… need to decide by Friday. Thanks!


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              Another vote for an Xtreme bass reed in Naill pipes. It is a gem.

              My combo I have stumbled on recently are Selbie tenors and Xtreme bass.
              I have used normal ezeedrone full set and full Xtreme set with success too.

              Arra best


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                When the Xtremes first came out, I tried them in my Naills and the tenors were ok but the bass just didn't want to work. I sent it back to the retailer and they sent me another but it was the same. I have heard some Naills can be fussy with bass reeds. I think mine is in this category. Never had much luck in the bass with the small tongued reeds. It seems to like the Kinnaird/Canning style bass reeds.

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                  Thanks for the help and suggestions... I've traded notes with "Chris" at Xtreme and he's making my base reed this morning.

                  This forum is really helpful... appreciate the effort and support!


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                    My Naill bass loves an X-Treme bass reed or an MG “White Mamba” bass. The latter is what I have in now, with Xtreme tenors, Rock solid tone.


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                      Might be helpful to know if the Naills you all are playing are before or after the bass drone modifications that Naill made in recent years.
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