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Purchasing used hide and skin bags

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  • Purchasing used hide and skin bags

    Germ factor aside, what're your thoughts on picking up a skin or hide bag that's been played for a bit but still has a lot of usable life left?

    I've bought and sold several used hybrid bags which have all been just fine. I'm finding that I may need to downsize my pipe bag (which is goatskin) and wondering about a second hand sheepskin or goatskin, I'm not sure if that's a common thing or what the cost/condition expectations are.
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    It can be hit or miss on whether the first user had any clue where to cut the holes.
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      And the risk of a leak, but I'd think almost everyone here at BDF is not about to sell a piece of junk to someone else.

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        I agree with Patrick and Andrew. On Andrew's point regarding leaks, I think that would be especially concerning if the used bag has grommets. As to your question of common or not, I think it's far less common than it used to be with hide bags, for I think synthetics/hybrids have somewhat filled that gap. All that said, I think it may be more common within closer groups, like a band. We've had such trades within our band. The same concerns may exist; but they're somewhat mitigated by us knowing each other and having close examination.


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          I sold a used goatskin bag on here about 5 years ago.

          In the current climate with COVID and whatnot, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable using a used bag (skin or synthetic), but it could very well be a good way to find a bag that is a better fit for you.
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            Greetings to All,

            Using and preferring the old L&M medium size hide bags--
            and after L&M stopped making hide bags--I acquired as
            many as I could--both un-used--and used--just to have
            a--"just in case" backup--for my three sets of pipes. :-)

            And all--were gotten here--on our Lovely Forum. :-)

            And--never--any problems--at all.

            About any possible microbial contamination with the used
            ones?? I've never considered it even a question--much the
            less--a problem.

            A bit of a light rinse with a light disinfectant--and some of
            that Old Standby--Airtight Seasoning--and-- "Bob's Your
            Uncle"--and all is safe and well.

            I would suppose--(and others should jump in here)--that
            the same would hold--equally true--with some (if not many)
            of the hybrids.

            Trusting that All--may find what they seek.

            Regards to All,


            My friends all know,
            With what a brave carouse...


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              I repurposed my old L & M hide bag in to a sporran for old times sake.
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                The old, thick cowhide L & M bags were great in many ways - long lasting, comfortable to play - but had absolutely hopeless moisture control. I remember the days when my cane drone reeds and chanter reed would be sopping wet after a prolonged period of play. The newer L & M cowhide bags, those made after about the year 2000, were vastly inferior to those made earlier. Once the chrome tanning ( or elk tanning, as it was also known) process was banned by the Canadian federal government for environmental reasons, L & M just couldn't seem to find an equivalent substitute for it. The last L & M hide bag I bought (for a set of band loaner pipes) about 10 years ago, was made of much thinner hide and had a much less substantial seam than the old ones and was almost as floppy as a synthetic bag, L & M stopped making bags shortly after, I never tried their Nova bags.


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                  I couldn't even think of playing a used bag. That's one of the first things I tell anybody looking at used pipes...change the bag!
                  I wouldn't wear someone's used underwear either


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                    Originally posted by BillW View Post
                    I couldn't even think of playing a used bag. That's one of the first things I tell anybody looking at used pipes...change the bag!
                    I wouldn't wear someone's used underwear either
                    Well in theory, the drool goes in one way and out another way; however, theory is theory so I'm with you Bill. I would use a bag used on a bellows blown pipe on another bellows blown pipe and might consider using a used mint condition synthetic GHB bag with a zipper so I could thoroughly soak and wash it before using.