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Chanter tape residue

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  • Chanter tape residue

    Greetings to you all. Rummaging through all the pipe gear and accessories I bought many years ago, I came across a lovely Sinclair chanter (ABW). I don't remember where I got it or why, and don't remember playing it for gigs or competitions - or anything at all - but it produces a fine sound; I was really surprised to hear how warm and rich is its tone. My go-to chanters are an ABW Naill and poly MacLellan, depending on the occasion and weather, but this Sinclair might make a good chanter to keep on deck.

    It's been rode hard and put up wet, as we ranchers' kids say. It shows the usual wear and tear, but nothing serious, and has a beautiful dark brown color - almost like a dark syrup or whiskey - rather than charcoal or black. I've removed some tape residue, but previous taping has actually left some lines above a few holes. What would be a safe method for cleaning this chanter? A gentle massage with a small amount of bore oil? I would have bought it at least 13 years ago, perhaps more, and didn't play it much or at all; I have no idea when or how often it was played before I acquired it. But it is worth restoring and playing.

    Thank you!
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    Goo-Gone works pretty well to remove tape residue. I usually put it on a bit of cloth and press it to the residue for a few minutes before trying to rub it off with my fingernail or more of the cloth. A massage with bore oil or almond oil wouldn't do any harm to the chanter afterward as long as you don't get it anywhere near the chanter throat.
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      I use WD-40 sprayed on a paper towel to remove residue on poly chanters. I’m sure it would also work on ABW, but I haven’t personally done it.
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        A bit of olive oil, almond oil or even mineral (baby) oil has always worked for me. Add it to a piece of paper towel and rub over the tape residue. You need to be careful to not get it inside if you can help it and swab out any that does drip in as well as wiping off the outside with a clean dry cloth when you are done.

        Good luck with it,


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          I'm a bit of both from above. I start with Goo-Gone to rid things more quickly and effectively; then follow up with oils, such as what Kevin suggested.


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            Naphthalene (lighter fluid) is also a good solvent that does not dissolve lacquer. It is the go solvent for removing tape residues from vintage musical instruments.


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              Sincere thanks to you all for your help!
              "All politeness is owing to Liberty. We polish one another, and rub off our Corners and rough Sides by a sort of amicable Collision." Lord Shaftesbury


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                As an "add-on"--I have always used--The Doctor's Bore Oil--as
                it is of great effect--and very quick--and easy to use. :-)

                And--remembering all the while--to not allow it (or any else)--to
                become introduced--through the chanter's holes--to the inside--
                of any--wooden chanter. :-)
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