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Pipes question - what pipes are these?

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  • Pipes question - what pipes are these?

    Hello all,

    My instructor found it fit to lend me a set of pipes for the next phase of my piping education, which is equally exciting and terrifying! Apparently this set has been in use for some time in the band, being passed from learner to learner. I was curious as to its manufacture but the only clues I see are "Glen Scotland" engraved on the ends of the drones. My interwebs searches have produced little solid info. Would anyone here have any ideas as to its heritage?


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    Some pictures would help nail it down, but J&R Glen was a firm of bagpipe makers that existed in various forms from the 19th century up until the early 1980s in Edinburgh. It may also have been made by Kintail, who acquired the Glen brands when J&R Glen closed down. I'd guess it would be a relatively recent instrument, ie 70s or so.
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