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Reed case… how do you store your reeds?

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    I've used both Piper's Pal and now a true convert to Tone Protector for same reasons as Equus Racer stated above, it's simply easier. Loved it so much I have two! Well worth my hard earned $$ based on time it saves me warming up and issues with reed going wonky when waiting long periods of time between piping (when possible).

    I have to admit I ran into mold problems but only when I stored the chanters too "tightly" - One chanter was wrapped up in a towel and didn't allow any ability to breath. Once ID this issue, I don't do that and ensure the chanters have room to breath.

    But I now also do the same as Klondike Waldo - a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide soak on a more regular basis.

    Since I had such success with the ToneProtector I ordered the ToneProtector Reed Case. It works great!
    For any reeds with existing mold, suggest (but open to hear what other think, this might sound crazy - but worked for me); to soak in Hydrogen Peroxide, remove ALL hemp first, then soak for ~1hour. Then rinse with water. Allow reeds to dry. Ensure your case is also clean before putting reeds back in. Then once in the ToneProtector Reed case, no issues. At least for me.
    Good Luck!
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