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Had a sole mounted onto my mid-90’s ABW Naill chanter

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  • Had a sole mounted onto my mid-90’s ABW Naill chanter

    Just wanted to show off the beautiful work done by Rick Pettigrew and his craftsman at Dunbar.

    I’ve never owned/used a chanter with a sole on it before, but I recently decided that - if nothing else - I did like that “retro” look of an (imitation) ivory sole on the chanter.

    The workmanship is just superb!
    I really like the way that the original bell was smoothly flared into the top of the sole - it makes the chanter & sole look like they were made for each other.

    Beautifully done - I like it so much, I’ve sent them another chanter (my ABW McC2) to have the same thing done to it!

    And, if I may repeat a phrase I’ve seen mentioned several times before on these forums: “’ll never go wrong with Dunbar...”.


    5B93B63B-EB36-4101-BB2A-95B365CCA7D1.jpg 3D0F974F-9441-495C-A067-1BCE5DEBDE9A.jpg 1A1D0F98-099B-4913-AE07-83166A626AF7.jpg

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    Yes, that does look great! I've had work done at Dunbar and have been completely pleased.
    "What we play is life." - Louis Armstrong


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      Very pretty!

      Andrew T. Lenz, Jr. BDF Moderator - Reference for Bagpipers


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        Greetings to Hot_Rod, and to All,

        Well... and if I may... it's nice to be quoted:
        "... you'll ne'er go wrong with Dunbar!!" :-)

        Since I... and Providentially ... stumbled into
        them... these now many years ago... and they
        miraculously... resurrected... my 1916 Lawries...
        and back... "To Original Condition"... I have sung
        their praises... High and Low... Far and Wide...
        and as much here... as occasion has allowed. :-)

        Hot_Rod... you had... a beautiful chanter... and
        now... you have one... that is... and absolutely...
        quite stunning!! :-)

        And I am quite Happy with you... in the Joy of it!!

        All the Best!!


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        My friends all know,
        With what a brave carouse...


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          That's really nice Hot_Rod! I love how they scalloped the upper face into the chanter, very very nice indeed.

          I stuck an old Henderson ivory sole on my own 90s Naill. Looks ok, but probably a bit oversized, and not as smooth as yours.


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            Greetings all,

            Thanks for your kind comments - and Pip01...Yes, you were indeed the “quotee”!

            I think I discovered Dunbar’s services largely through reading through these forums.
            Besides the chanter/sole work I’m having them do, I’m also having them do a full refurb on my older pipes (2003 Cushing AB3 - African Blackwood, moose antler mounts and nickel ferrules), which includes stripping the old finish, oil bath, bores polished, and new wax finish.
            They found - and are repairing - 3 hairline cracks, a wormhole in the blowpipe stock (it had originally been filled, but had reopened at some point), and a new shorter blowpipe with the original antler mount installed.

            I’ll be anxious to try these out, when I get them back.



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              9371436C-1A49-4791-8CC5-8AF9D2B85420.jpg ACC530C8-58AE-447F-89AA-D50BABCF339F.jpgAD39612E-35CC-4343-8A42-3EEDE83DA470.jpg

              I just wanted to follow-up regarding the full refurb I had Dunbar perform on my Cushing (2003) AB3 pipes - as well as the imitation ivory sole I had them mount onto my ABW McCallum MCC2 chanter (all of which arrived back yesterday in excellent condition).

              Besides the refurb (original finish stripped off, oil bath, bores polished, hand buffed wax finish applied and tenons rehemped), they repaired 3 hairline cracks (2 in the bass drone top & 1 in a tenor stock), and as well as a wormhole in the blowpipe stock that had reopened.

              I also had them make a new poly blowpipe (1 1/2” shorter than the original), and mount the original moose antler projecting mount onto it.

              For the chanter/sole mounting - I could have kept the original MCC2 bell and bead profile above the sole, but I very much liked the profile as was done on my Naill chanter/sole (the chanter body smoothly flared into the top of the sole), so I opted to have it done like that.

              The workmanship on both projects is absolutely first rate. The pipes look as good - if not even better - than when they were new - and the chanter/sole is just a thing of beauty!

              Kudos to Rick Pettigrew and his craftsmen at Dunbar!



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                And just... coincidentally... Dunbar... has access to... and makes use of...
                the Very Best!!... imitation ivory... that I have ever seen!! :-)
                (No others... even come... close!! :-)

                Where... Oh Where... do they get it?!

                Ah... those damned near magical... Shop Elves... at Dunbar Limited!! :-)

                Ever in.. close attendance... and guiding us... and our pipes... to our
                ever... and on-going... best stead... :-)

                My friends all know,
                With what a brave carouse...