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3/4 set GHB I.D. ?

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  • 3/4 set GHB I.D. ?

    I'm trying to identify this 3/4 set. I don't know where it come from, I just have pics of it. Does somebody here have any idea ?
    Thank you all.



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    It looks remarkably similar to a cocus wood set of 3/4 Lawries I have.
    But on my phone i cant read what's stamped on the chanter.
    The only 3/4 chanter I could get to play true with modern reeds. At exactly 466....


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      Circa 1920 R.G. Lawrie. Give or take ten years. The tops are a mix of celluloid and ivory. They stopped using celluloid because it would catch on fire while they were turning it. It looks like ABW but it could be Cocous wood. There’s no sapwood so my guess is ABW


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        Thanks a lot for your answers. It looks to me to be coccus too, but I was not sure.
        Lochie, what do you think about your 3/4 Lawries ? Are they sounding as good as many Lawrie's full size from that era ? And what price would you put on the set in picture ?


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          Lawrie pipes, Lawrie chanter. Tapered closed ferrules and wood mounts match Lawrie. You can see the Lawrie imprint of ReGaL on the chanter.


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            I got really lucky when I got my set.
            They're cocus for sure with red and black stripes, probably the most striking wood I've ever owned in a set of pipes, and I've owned dozens.
            I have a Lee and Sons leather bag tied in, due to the small stock sizes, and ezee drone 3/4 sized drone reeds.
            As I stated, the chanter will accept modern reeds and tunes bang on at it's my B flat set.
            It's quieter than my full sized lawries, if i had to guess its 3/4 in volume too...
            The sound is very nice, blended and smooth, well balanced and not overpowering.
            As for value, that's hard to fix a number on.
            I love mine and will not sell them, ever....
            I also have 3 other sets of 3/4 size pipes, but very few people collect or use them, so they don't command the price they deserve.
            3/4 in size, 3/4 in volume, and unfortunately 3/4 in price, if you're lucky...


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              Greetings... Artomaglos... and to All,

              So often... it falls to some of us... to find ourselves in
              the position of... being called to be... Conservators...
              of Fine Old Sets... into which... we have... and quite
              simply... and blindly... stumbled... :-)

              And... furthermore... such is a Gift... to be able to
              play... and to maintain... these sets... but it is also...
              a truly grand privilege... to then be able... to pass
              these along... to others... as they are coming up...
              in The Piping Game... :-)

              Which ever the situation... the Joy of it... is quite
              manifold... :-)

              Regards to All,


              My friends all know,
              With what a brave carouse...


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                Thank you all once again for your kind answers and comments. I unfortunately missed this sale for having been to shy and wanted to be sure of their origine and quality, and somebody came and pulled the rug out from under myself. When I'm thinking about, it's really a pity for me... More luck next time I hope !
                Best regards from Brittany.