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Changing the valve in a McCallum expandable blowpipe

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  • Changing the valve in a McCallum expandable blowpipe

    I just got a McCallum expandable blowpipe which comes with a built-in valve ( like a Li’l Mac). It’s new, so probably won’t need to replace it anytime soon, but how does one access it?
    Slainte Leibh/ Slan Leat, Bob Cameron

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    With the Airstream and the Walsh blowpipes with integrated valve, you have to unscrew the tenon. This can be difficult after a few years. I suspect the McCallum has a similar setup. That said, I have been using a Walsh blowpipe with an integrated valve since 2009 and have not yet needed to access the valve. Yours should be good for years.


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      If/,when the time comes...yes .. you'll have to unscrew the tenon's incredibly tight might actually need to use long handle pliers ..being as thoughtful and careful as you can to not khak up the tenon.,too much. When I've done this I add a bit of Teflon tape when reassembling.