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    Is anyone using the Trap Dri moisture control?
    I'd like to know what your thoughts are, and why version you have?

    I've been playing a Ross canister for quite a while, but find it restrictive in blowing and tone. I've tried lots of configurations over the years. I only use it in the colder months, then switch to a bottle/tube configuration.
    The less I have in my bag, the better for tone and playability.

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    I use a trap-dri integrated into a deluxe tube trap from Tartantown. It works great and collects a ton of water.
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      The trap-dri is effectively "transparent" to blowing pressure; I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you if a set had one in or not. I actually use one along with a Ross canister, so I get dry drone drones and the chanter reed gets plenty moisture, which works well enough for me.
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        I also use one, integrated into a tube that runs to the back of the bag. No additional MCS...
        It does a fine job getting me through band practices, shows and parades.
        I don't notice it there, it is efficient at collecting the moisture, and my tone has never been better.
        I no longer do extended days of solos, followed by band competitions, massed bands etc...
        so I've not tested it to that level of endurance...
        But for what i currently do, its a perfect fit.


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          Like Jim and Lochie, I have a TrapDri between two sections of a tube in a zip bag. Open the bag, pull out the Trap Dri and the back section of tube, shake, and re-install in less than 30 seconds. I also use a Moose valve. At the end of a long parade, the inside of the bag is merely moist. If it is very low humidity and there is lots of standing, e.g. a change of command parade, I disconnect the Trap Dri to be sure that some moisture is getting to the chanter reed.


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            I've been using a trap-dri since they were introduced ~10 years ago. I spliced it mid way into my vinyl tube trap.
            All I can say is I saw an immediate increase in volume of condensate pour off....Canmore zipped hybrid bag.
            No matter the playing environment the bag interior is always dry...barely a hint of moisture sheen.
            I was fortunate to get an internal flapper blowstick to match my pipes from McCallum..... eliminating any possible external flapper khak up when pulling the blowstick for pouring off or using a one way moose valve which makes pour off impossible.
            Otherwise a properly tied external flapper works as perfectly airtight.

            I'd give Trap-Dri a 20 on a 1-10 scale.




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              My bottle-style water trap has a corrugated hose. Wondering if it will work in that, or if I need to get a new one?


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                Yes, it will work in a corrugated hose. That's what I have. It just takes a bit longer for the hose to dry out. It's no problem if you have a zip bag.


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                  Originally posted by BillW View Post
                  My bottle-style water trap has a corrugated hose. Wondering if it will work in that, or if I need to get a new one?
                  I'd ditch the bottle.....our desired concept is to expel the condensate....not hoard it in the bag.
                  A corrugated tube tends to retain condensate in the grooves....not so with a piece of smooth 5/8" i.d. tube for ~$3 at a hardware store.


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                    I love my trap dri. I have a basic one with a zippered goat bag.


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                      I am using one, actually two, because I am apparently an unreasonably-wet blower. I order one of the Water Trap (Trap Dri Moisture Control with Tube) from JHiggins, with the blue elbow, and just worked it onto my existing split stock. The trap dri unit seemed far forward, and I had a loose TraPdri floating around, so I bought some vinyl tubing from Ace Hardware and added a supplemental length to my tube with the extra TrapDri unit.

                      I don't notice any restriction, as long as the tube isn't kinked (more of an issue if you are adding it to an existing tube, but be careful with putting thetrap dri right where your hose comes around the bottom of the bag), and the amount of moisture that it traps is kind of gross actually.

                      Well worth the money, and extends sessions noticeably.
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