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Highland Dancing Theory Quiz book

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  • Highland Dancing Theory Quiz book

    The wife, in conjunction with Mary Beth Klein, has just published an ebook on Kindle "Highland Dancing Theory Quiz'. It's a series of 120 multiple choice questions on basic positions and the four highland dances. The cost is $5 and would be of interest to anyone studying for, or tutoring someone for, a theory exam. I've been asked to emphasize that it was produced independently and is not associated with the SOBHD. It is however, informative, educational and a lot of fun.

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    Re: Highland Dancing Theory Quiz book


    I looked at it on Amazon and the first page. Very fum. Especially for an old comp dancer. It should do really well.
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      Re: Highland Dancing Theory Quiz book

      Hello Chris,

      Has your wife given any thought to publishing something like this that is endorsed by the SOBHD? I think my wife's students would be more than interested in something like this. Or perhaps an app instead of a Kindle book?

      Do you happen to know if this Kindle document can be used on other readers, ie iBooks or Kobo?

      Is your wife BATD, SDTA or UKA?

      I think if it were more substantially extensive, and available on more platforms (ie an app), it might be more attractive. She may well be on to something here

      There's only nine notes ... how hard can it be?