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Highland Fling, London, 1841

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  • Highland Fling, London, 1841

    Caledonian Asylum. – "The Chisholm" took the chair at the annual dinner which was held on Tuesday. After dinner, and immediately after the health of the Duke of Sussex had been drunk, two Highland bagpipers entered the room, round which they perambulated, performing several national airs. The sudden effect, though novel, was striking, being in fact no less than a Highland fling; for up jumped Commodore Napier and the chairman, who were immediately followed by Colonel Macdonnell and Mr. M'Ian, when in a moment the whole four were as busily engaged in "flinging" their legs about as Napier was some short time back in flinging balls at the Egyptians in St. Jean d'Acre. It was capital fun; in fact, it was a most delightful episode in the inanities and speechifying of a public dinner. Like all well-conducted performances, it was liberally supported by approbation, especially the solo part enacted by the Commodore, who proved himself as active a dancer as he is a fighter.

    'DOMESTIC NEWS', The Tablet, 15 May 1841.