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Flapper valve alternatives?

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  • Flapper valve alternatives?

    The rubber flapper blowpipe valve in my Walsh A2000s is finally starting to bite the dust. Does anyone know if there are any "alternative" smallpipe valves out there, or are the old style flappers all there is?

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    This may be totally on the wrong track but would leather work? I have a set of Goodacre SSPs with a leather flapper valve, which I've had to replace a couple of times. There may well be easier alternatives...


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      Moose valve is a flapper device that inserts into the blowpipe stock. It has a flexible sides that tighten up to make an airtight seal.
      A word of caution...if you have splits in the wood stock, the outward force of the valve inside the stock may lead to accelerated opening up of existing cracks. I had that happen to two really old stocks that were already compromised. Nowadays, I have poly-lined blowpipe stocks made for my pipes.


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        Originally posted by Toxpert View Post
        Moose valve is...
        I love my Moose Valve for my GHB but will it fit into a set of small pipes?


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          I wish Moose would make a smaller valve suitable for bellows pipes.
          I recently had to replace the leather valve on my uilleann pipes and managed to jerry rig a Little Mac valve that I found in my graveyard of old piping supplies. I had to sand down the outer plastic valve cover just a tad for a smooth fit, but it works.

          On my smallpipes, I currently have one of the piper's choice smallpipe flapper valves, and it works great.


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            Some time ago, after the blowpipe valve on my Borderpipe failed during a concert. I made some smallpipe/borderpipe valves by rolling out some silicone rubber caulking material between two sheets of waxed paper, then cutting them to size and shape. They worked fine- still going after several years.
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              I used (only) the rubber flapper taken out of an old Lil’ Mac valve in my Shepherd smallpipes....perfect size. I tied on the old fashion way.