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Bag source for small pipes

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  • Bag source for small pipes

    I have a set of small pipes in C, bellows blown. I’d like to replace the bag. It’s airtight, but too short. When I play, I’m only catching the last couple of inches under my left arm. I’ve searched the internet (to the best of my ability), but the only bag I find listed for small pipes is the one Bannatyne makes for the Walsh small pipes. I’d prefer a hide bag. I may try making my own. I’ve got some elk hide, and the tools and experience to sew it up. Before I tackle another project, I’d like to see what’s out there. Any leads would be appreciated.
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    Mark Bennett makes bags for all sorts of bellows blown pipes, and has various templates he can offer, or you could just draw up the bag you have if you like it and add the length you want.
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      Mike Mac Harg, The Wee Piper in South Royalton, VT makes very nice hide bags.

      Best wishes.

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        I second Steve’s recommendation.
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