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Birls on SSP's

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  • Birls on SSP's

    Hi all,

    Settling in with my new SSPs. I'm finding that birls are *much* harder than they are on my Naill full-size practice chanter. I have a nasty habit of pulling my ring finger off its hole. I believe this happens because I'm not getting the tactile feedback from the larger chamfered hole that I'm used to on the PC. Other than practicing, anyone have tips for fixing this?

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    The bottom hole is just a little further away than you are used to. A useful exercise for getting confident locating it is to tap the pinkie above, on, and below the hole, then reverse: above, on, below, on, above, on, below, and so on. Just a minute or two every day and the birl itself will soon come right. Keep the pinkie straight right down onto the hole.
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      That makes sense - will definitely try that. Thanks.