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    Originally posted by ChrisW View Post
    I didn’t feel it necessary to start a whole new topic, so I’ll piggy back on to this one:

    Mike Greene Would it be possible, when you get to it, to reinstate the ability to “collapse” the various sub forums such as Drumming, Highland Dancing, etc? It can be done for the Trending, Latest Topics, and Forum Statistics sections.

    That was one of the major items that prevented the upgrade from v3 to v4 and also to v5. The sub-forum's were not collapsible, though I may have stumbled across a setting that will emulate the way the v3 forums were displayed. Not entirely sure if it will be possible but it is on the list of display tweaks I'd like to make. Not sure when I'll be able to get back to tweaking the forums but it is one of the items I knew about long ago.
    - Mike Greene