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Bob, can we have our piccies back?

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    Re: Bob, can we have our piccies back?


    Well the "obvious" method is to allow signatures to contain images but only if hosted on folks own servers (as I was doing till you turned the images off). Though people who exceed the suggested file size will slow the load time down page down slightly it will have NO IMPACT on your bandwidth charge.

    You could set the page break interval to show fewer posts per page to balance this if folks think pages are taking too long to load over dial up.

    This is how eBay does it. All those images are hosted off eBay and don't impact their servers at all. (Well did in the early days! They now sell image hosting options but then selling the option covers the bandwidth).

    Truthfully - while the content is great - the place looks a bit sterile without some sort of enhancements.

    Finally - I don't know what you are paying for hosting but I can do you a shared server that will run UBB with all the whistles and bells you might want for:

    12Gb/mo - $49.95/mo
    15Gb/mo - $79.95/mo
    $4/Gb over charge

    I'd be happy to help transfer the UUB database if you need.
    Graeme J W Smith
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      Re: Bob, can we have our piccies back?

      Hi Graeme,

      Correct on your first point, and this is (was) how it was setup - images came off the person's own server, and there was (of course) no impact to the bandwidth from the Forum server.

      I have (tried to) optimized page retrieval sizes for the best balance - bandwidth / loading speed, and content..

      The classic problem with user supplied images - the largest was over 250K in size .. and our server / host fees are quite competitive, but it is still a pain.. and it is getting 'worse' .. I should give you a call in the next month or so..

      I think I'll close this topic - I think we've gone all over the images question :humm:

      Other discussion in welcome of course, just in a new thread..