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    Re: Disappearing Topic

    I don't konw if anyone else had noticed, but I've seen BMW on PTP places like Limewire and KaZaa. I tried to start a download thinking it was a mp3, but it never went through...then I looked at the incomplete file and realized it was a program. Bob and others might want to check places like this to find some pirateers.

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      Re: Disappearing Topic

      Hell I thought Mr. McNeil had abandoned the program as I have written for upgrades, fixes and tunes with NEVER a return reply. Unlike Mr. McNeil I have gotten momentary replys from Doug. And I apologise for my opinion not being popular on this forum but it is the truth and sometimes it pinchs. And since I have stepped in it I amy as well say it out loud, Mark had to pull his comments about BMW not being compatible with XP nor anything after 98 but it was and still is the truth. I have 2 idenical machines one with BMW on it and one without and I swap them and I have problems with scambled files on the one with. Side by side tests dont lie. Fix your Program Mr. McNeil it can be very enjoyable.
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        Re: Disappearing Topic

        As usual, comments are being made by people without knowing all the facts. Since I too am a friend of Rob MacNeil, I will just say that many of the comments here are off base but because of Bob's desire to keep this contoversy off the forum, I won't amplify and ask that the rest of you please keep your thoughts on the BMW matter out of this group.

        One thing I will say, the claim that BMW Gold is incompatible with Win XP, this is not so. I run two machines side by side as well, Win98 and XP, and I have no trouble with the prog on either one. As with many applications that were built for Win95, it depends on a number of factors whether it will work in XP or not. The people that I know using it on XP aren't having any difficulty.

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          Re: Disappearing Topic

          As I attempted to upload XP onto a existing frame...It is POSSIBLE that either my BMW disks were corrupt OR preexisting files were the cause ...That is why I modified my post on its compatability with XP...As I did not have the abilty to "TEST" on another computer it was only fair that I Modify my post to reflect this.
          I will say that ANYONE Having Problems with the program in any form SHOULD email Robert as he can only fix what he knows is a problem.
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            Re: Disappearing Topic

            I've been away from computers for a few days (Oban in fact).. and I only have a minute here..

            There is a long story behind this problem.. I was involved, Rob MacNeil is indeed a very good friend of mine - but I also have 25+ years in computer software development and management.. Computers and software development, support, and QA were my career - I know all sides of this stuff..

            The program was stolen, and given away simply to hurt Robbie.. That failed, so he has started to ask for money.. incredible.. but heck, I know of places where you can find any warez / stolen software you want.. and most of those thieves would love money too... And you can add copyright notice and license on anything.. how silly to assume that means something..

            Saying ' let them fight it out in court' is twisted and preverted logic.. Convenient only I think.. but very wrong..

            And ROB DOES support owners of BMW GOLD.. he does not support or answer questions from those who use the stolen copy.

            And Yes, I know I'll get a whole new batch of threats for saying this.. I don't care.. it is simply just true - the software IS ROB MACNEIL's.. And I care about piping, piping software, and doing what is right..

            I'm closing this thread - but I'll leave all of it untouched.. .. I will plan to cover the topic in detail when I return home.. and find the time..