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The WSOW is done

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  • The WSOW is done

    After four (!) years of Web Site Of the Week, I have decided to ‘retire’ the award . I was really pleased (!) with the acceptance of the award, and I thank everyone that supported my efforts in this – it has been a great deal of fun, really interesting, and I like to think we helped a bit too, but it is time to move on..

    No fifth season for WSOW ? This is not to suggest there is a shortage of (additional) excellent piping related web sites, or to suggest that I have less interest in helping publicise excellent piping related web sites. The fact is that now we have these Forums as a simple and effective means of ‘getting the word out’. With in excess of 20,000 different people visiting month, I think we take advantage of this to help publicise piping web sites:
    Using the Your Announcement Forum – Tell us when you’ve made web site changes, created a new site, or have some interesting reason for us to visit again. (BTW - If we see enough posting of Web Site announcements, I will make a new forum just for those.) The YA forum is seen by thousands of people each day, and I think you’ll get results (in terms of visitors) from postings there.

    A short WSOW history - On August 1, 1998 I started the Bagpipe Web Directory – a natural expansion of that ‘effort’ took place on October 1, 1998 when I started the Web Site Of the Week (WSOW) recognition award. I was finding piping sites that I felt deserved special recognition, and I wanted to 'share'. Originally I thought I would run out of WSOW candidate sites after just a few months, but great piping sites kept appearing before me.

    Now, after 4 years a dilemma presents itself.. Some of the best piping sites on the Net have not changed since winning WSOW and WSOY. Some excellent sites have changed, and been recognized with a second WSOW award. After 4 years, what to do? If the site is still excellent – should it be recognized again? If changed – recognized again? After 4 years, I could spend an entire year just re-reconising (is this a word?) previous winners.. and then – What about new sites? How do we balance those with previous winners.. Simply stated – it is easier (and best I think) to retire the award, rather than risk confusion, alienation, redundancy or anything negative.

    My goal with the WSOW was simply to recognize what I felt were excellent piping sites – to send viewers to them, and to encourage the type of web design that I like (yes – there was always a bit of a hidden agenda – I like clean, easy to navigate, efficient, and informative web sites, and sites with some memorable feature). Taking advantage of the Forums, I think we can accomplish these goals in a new way.

    I do expect there will be at least a couple of web sites that jump in to ‘fill the void’ of the missing WSOW (heck at least two sites copied the original WSOW idea –I guess no good idea goes uncopied - to prove that point.. so far two sites have even copied the style organization of the Forums – we’ll go on the next step in our Net evolution.