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    Nubar Pasha, whose death is just reported, was Armenian by birth, French by education, and Egyptian by adoption, and he spent more than half a century in the service of the Khedives. His career yields just one amusing story, and it is about the bagpipes, to which he took such a liking after hearing the regimental pipers of the Black Watch that he contemplated having the mystery taught to one of his servants. In his cosmopolitan way he got a French friend who spoke English to interview a Scotch piper on the subject. His envoy, returning to report that the Scotsman thought an Egyptian trying to "blaw" the pipes would need to be swathed in mummy bands for fear he would "burst," Nubar took the matter to heart, and concluded not to run the risk.

    The Freeman's Journal (Dublin), 19 January 1899.

    Obviously, Nubar Pasha (1825–99), first prime minister of Egypt, failed to recognise when his leg was being pulled.