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A Penny to Play, Tuppence to Stop, New York

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  • A Penny to Play, Tuppence to Stop, New York

    That is all an admittedly lengthy preface to a certain encounter I observed yesterday early evening in Washington Square Park. As I crossed from West to East, I heard that telltale wail coming from a young woman who hardly seemed large enough to be making such a racket. I sped up, so as to pass the danger zone with the utmost alacrity. But just as I neared her, she stopped playing. A forty-something man had approached her and was holding out a stack of bills, saying something earnestly. Her face went from perplexed, to livid, to that point past livid where you may well use the bagpipes as a weapon. As I soon gathered from the conversation, he was offering her $40 to shut up and leave. I prepared for combat. But to my surprise, she took the money, packed up her instrument, and trudged out of the park. $40 was far more than she’d made in however long she had been playing (I sneaked a peak in her case before moving along; it didn’t look like much more than a few scattered singles), and apparently, she decided the trade-off was worth it.

    “A bagpipe of a moral dilemma”, by Maria Konnikova on May 8, 2013

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    Re: A Penny to Play, Tuppence to Stop, New York

    Consider the guy might have got off quite cheap....It might have been worth. $140 ...or more....;. The 'playing' might have been right up there alongside the <grade 5 yahoo that brings his pipes to a quiet woodsy campsite for 2 weeks so he can entertain all the other campers all day...and serenade them at night..


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      Re: A Penny to Play, Tuppence to Stop, New York

      What do a blind machine gunner and a bad bagpiper have in common?
      Neither has to be very accurate to get people's attention.
      Before you start fixing problems with your reeds, check to see if the bag or stocks are leaking.


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        Re: A Penny to Play, Tuppence to Stop, New York

        We were all beginners once and we should have the same curiosity to those people as people did for us. Some Bagpipers can be terribly snobby and arrogant towards other pipers. The last perfect person left 2000 years ago and as far as I know He hasn't come back yet. We need to stick together not scratch out each others eyes. Just my opinion. I'm sure others will disagree.
        Life is stressful, so at least lets have fun with the pipes