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Nice Work, Rothiemurchus, 1803.

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  • Nice Work, Rothiemurchus, 1803.

    ‘My father and mother never wanted for company, and the house was as full of servants as an Indian or an Irish one, strange, ignorant creatures, running about in each other’s way, wondering at the fine English maids who could make so little of them. Amongst the rest was a piper, who, for fear of spoiling the delicacy of his fingers, declined any work unconnected with whisky, which with plenty of oat-bread and cheese was given to all-comers all day long.’

    Lady Strachey (ed.), Memoirs of a Highland Lady: the autobiography of Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus afterwards Mrs Smith of Baltiboys, 1797–1830 (London, 1911), p. 26.