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  • Pied Pipers?

    Napoleon Bonaparte is said to have quipped that if he could have trusted Marshal MacDonald, Duke of Taranto – son of a Jacobite from South Uist – within sound of the Highland bagpipes, he would have used him against Wellington. A similar remark was made by an Australian officer in the Royal Irish Rifles while stationed in the Greek port of Salonika during 1916. The 10th (Irish) Division had suffered heavy casualties in Gallipoli, and was being brought up to strength by drafting from depot battalions, and cross-posting from non-Irish regiments. The number of Scottish officers posted to the division caused the Australian to observe: 'On a trek of some three days we had cause to pass some Scottish regiments from France, and fears were expressed on evening when the bagpipes were heard, lest all the Scottish officers should stampede.' (William Lucas, Life and letters of Norman Carey Lucas (Melbourne, 1920), p. 42.)

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    Re: Pied Pipers?

    They probably heard that pipers had whisky rations for their pipe bags