Near a smaller town--where a Games and Piping Competitions were
to be held--Auld Angus (never one to spend any money on an in-town
room)--was staying with a friendly farmer.

Early on the morning of The Day--he wanted to tune and play a bit--
before he went over--but he didn't want to disturb the household--so
he asked the farmer if he could play his pipes in the barn.

"Oh Aye!, and Welcome!,
said the farmer; "but our milk cow is in there, so
just say "Hello" to her as you go in." :-)

"Will she be all right?!" asked Angus.

"Oh, Aye!" was the reply--"Gentle as a lamb."

So Angus walks across the quiet barnyard--goes into the barn--says
"Hello" to Auld Bessie----and six quick notes after the strike-in--there
is the most Godawful noise and clamor!!--and Auld Angus is hurled
out of the barn
!!--and landing on his backside down!!--in the dirt!!

"I thought you said she was all right?!--and gentle?!"

Oh! She is--she is--but it's the first time she's e'er been serenaded--
by a wee man--with pipes!!--in a kilt and glengarry!!