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Piper MacKay goes to Canada

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  • Piper MacKay goes to Canada

    Last Summer Piper MacKay took a trip to Canada to visit his distant cousin, Jean-Luc MacKay. He was neatly shown around, met many people and made new friends. But after three days he started to feel a bit bored and asked his cuz what was there to do and have fun.

    'We go hunting', Jean-Luc MacKay said.

    And off they went. As they strolled into the bushes, tiptoeing not to make any noise, they saw a big black shape thundering in front of them, breaking branches and lifting dust as it passed by. Mackay could not see clearly what that was, so he asked Jean-Luc.

    'A moose', he replied.

    A terrified Piper MacKay then utters, 'A MOOSE??? Aaaach jimmie; I dunno wanna see one of your rats then!!!'