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MacKay Opens a Pub (cont)

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  • MacKay Opens a Pub (cont)

    After the set back with his drum sargent, MacKay's pub business continued to grow. He was required to hire additional help. After much deliberation, MacKay hired his bass drummer to work behind the bar. A big, burly fellow who by his size would keep the brawling to a minimum.

    Business continued to be brisk, but MacKay noticed that the take each wasn't as much as he expected based on the number of patrons in the pub. Being a trusting sort, he bored a hole in the wall between his office and the bar near the till.

    Spying through the hole, MacKay noticed that th bass drummer would come to the till with the payment for some drinks, and pull a coin out of his pocket, flip the coin in the air and say, "Heads I'll keep the money, tails, I'll put in the till for MacKay. It's heads," an dput the money in his pocket.

    This goes on for some time, each time coming up heads whereby the bass drummer keeps the money. Finally the base drummer says "Heads, I'll keep the money, Tails, I'll put it in the till for KacKay. It's tails. Oh what the heck, I'll keep it anyway."

    At this point MacKay yells through the wall "Put that money in the till! I won it fair and square!!"
    The Rock Doctor
    aka The Nunavik Highlander

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