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Piper MacKay Goes to the Pub

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  • Piper MacKay Goes to the Pub

    Piper MacKay was a bit dry after a lengthy band practice so he stopped into a pub along the road on his way home. He ran his eye over the huge selection of single malts on display.

    "I'll have a dram of that, and that, and that, and that," he said, pointing to four of his favourites.

    The barman set the four glasses down in from of him and he lifted each one in turn and drank them down.

    "You were in a great hurry," said the barman.

    "So would you be if you had what I had," Pipe MacKay replied.

    "And what's that?" asked the barman.

    "Nae money!" MacKay said over he shoulder as he ran towards the door!
    Scott Williams