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  • Doodle

    While not a joke, this is humorous. It came from the Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins, R422.03 if you are ever in the Gig Harbor, Washington library.

    Doodle – We suspect the Scotsmen and Welshmen won’t be happy to learn that doodle originated from the fact that a lot of unsympathetic people feel that playing the bagpipes is a frivolous waste of time. The word doodle comes from the German word Dudeln, meaning “to play the bagpipe,” and is related to similar words in many other languages – the Polish Dudlic, Turkish Duduk and Russian Duda, among others. The notion seems to be that a person who spends his time playing bagpipes would be guilty of other frivolous time-wasting activities – like scribbling aimlessly and abstractedly on scraps of paper. Incidentally, though the word has been around for several centuries, it did not come into widespread popularity in the country until Gary Cooper used it in the film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town in 1936.

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    Re: Doodle

    And from
    "scrawl aimlessly," 1935, from dial. doodle, dudle "fritter away time, trifle," or associated with dawdle. It was a noun meaning "simple fellow" from 1620s.
    LONGFELLOW: That's a name we made up back home for people who make foolish designs on paper when they're thinking. It's called doodling. Almost everybody's a doodler. Did you ever see a scratch pad in a telephone booth? People draw the most idiotic pictures when they're thinking. Dr. Von Holler, here, could probably think up a long name for it, because he doodles all the time. ["Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," screenplay by Robert Riskin, 1936; based on "Opera Hat," serialized in "American Magazine" beginning May 1935, by Clarence Aldington Kelland]
    Related: Doodled; Doodling.
    Doodle Sack. A bagpipe. Dutch. -- Also the private parts of a woman. ["Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," 1796]
    But I like your definition better.
    Before you start fixing problems with your reeds, check to see if the bag or stocks are leaking.