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  • Client Guidelines

    I'd like to produce some guidelines for clients for when I play at weddings etc. along the lines of "How to help your piper give you the best performance possible". In other words how to make my life as hassle free as possible
    Anyone got any thoughts or ideas on the subject or know of any references/URLs?
    Anyone got any illustrating horror stories?
    Over to you.


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    Re: Client Guidelines

    Lesson 1: find out how many people will be attending the function you are being asked to play at.

    I am often asked to play weddings, and they want a piper to continue playing as people exit the church.
    In my experience, the hazard is that the guests will just mill about talking and listening to you as long as you are playing. Imagine that with 600+ guests!!
    Agree to set limits if they want you to do that.