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  • Talking of things Czech...

    Is anyone here on the forum going to the Highland Games at Sychrov in the Czech Republic on the 30th August ( http://www.skotskehry.com/main1.htm or http://www.maclachlans.org/internet/AUG.HTM )? I'm due to play at a wedding the day before a bit nearer Prague and am hoping to get there if I can re-arrange flights, accommodation and transport. The 1st Bohemian Highland Pipers will be playing there.

    By the way, if anyone here knows Vasek Rout of the Bohemian Pipers, could they possibly let him know that I've tried to email him several times but keep getting a message undeliverable return to sender type thing, I believe his mailbox is full to bursting .

    Merrick AKA LondonPiper