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    Re: ColinKyo Bagpipes

    Hey guys, I know this is an old post, but I just purchased a "used" (quotes because there's very little evidence of any use at all) set of Murry's Pipes recently advertised here on the forums. Its this type of discussion that is very helpful to new pipers like myself. I looked very closely at every major brand and really liked the Duncan Soutar for sound, look, and great pricing!

    During this two month period, I talked and corresponed with Murry several times. I looked at the video on his website and was very impressed with the way he handles his lathe and engraving tools (done some machining in my time too). Given the workmanship and value of the Soutar pipes I had talked myself out of the CKs...until the used ones came along.

    I informed Murry that I was going to purchase the used Colin Kyo pipes, and rather than be upset at losing a sale, he called me right after receiving my email and told me he was very pleased that I was going to be the new owner. He gave me a history of the African blackwood billits, the original buyer, and even offered to touch up any damage free of charge. Now that a guy that LOVES his pipes.

    I plan to buy an additional laminate chanter with matching engraved silver band this Christmas, but am working very hard on my fingering, memorization, and blowing good tone with the BW chanter plugged. Its a real temptation to start "playing" (use the term very loosly) but I don't want to embarass my beautiful CK4-Ms.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your opinions, and as a new piper I REALLY appreciate the support. To any newbies out there reading this, if you have a desire to learn the GHB's don't wait!! Buy a REAL practice chanter i.e Duncan Soutar, Dunbar, Gibson, Colin Kyo, McCallum, Nail, Henderson, you get the point. Don't get cheap like I did and postpone your piping journey six years due to a cheap*#@!* chanter you won't be able to get two notes out of. In piping time is everything!


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      Re: ColinKyo Bagpipes

      As a fellow owner of a set of "second hand" CK bagpipes, i have to say that i am extremely impressed with the look, sound and overall good feel that these pipes have. I have a set of the laminate pipes and matched with a laminate chanter. What a sound !!!
      As a relative newbie to the game with only 3years under my belt on pipes and practice chanter, i endorse Colin Kyo bagpipes with no hesitation.
      Just need to get a practice chanter from him now to complete the theme.!!!
      I am here to learn and immerse myself in piping culture. Want to help?


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        Re: ColinKyo Bagpipes

        Second that motion Gaspipe.

        I'm also going to try to sneak in a CK Practice Chanter to match my CK-4Ms before Thanksgiving (my wife doesn't know this yet!). I want to use my Duncan Soutar chanter with my kitchen pipes. Dang, this stuff is addictive! Regards