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"Douglas and Son" Bagpipes

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    Re: "Douglas and Son" Bagpipes

    Originally posted by classicbagpipes View Post
    I have a Douglas Chanter in my collection as well. Will have to give it a try again and see what else it may compare to.

    I had an offer for one years ago but it was badly whipped, and I declined the offer (40). It looked well made.


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      Re: "Douglas and Son" Bagpipes

      Originally posted by farleyer View Post
      The hallmark you have is for 1913/14 in my book which fits with Jeanie's comment.
      They look like Lawrie's to me as I have a set dated to 1916 which has combing and beading identical to your pipe so perhaps Lawrie made pipes for Douglas and Son at that time or perhaps a Lawrie turner was taken on and he continued to make pipes it that style at least at the begining of his employment there.
      From the National Museum of Scotland.....R.G. Lawrie Ltd, 38 Renfield Street, Glasgow, were manufacturers of Highland bagpipes, reeds and accessories, including Highland dress and uniforms. The business was founded in the late 19th century by Robert Lawrie who then bought the Aberfeldy bagpipe making business of Gavin C MacDougall in 1913

      MMMMM??? I wonder.. My pipes are 1913, they sound like MacDougalls ( apparantly ) and they look identical to Lawries but they are stamped Douglas and Son. Ill dream on!


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        Re: "Douglas and Son" Bagpipes

        I have heard that John MacDougall (Gavin's brother) went to R.G. Lawrie along with the sale of the tools and stock and there may have been a romantic link with one of Lawrie's daughters.
        I have also heard that John was not a pipe maker and simply work in the shop.
        Can anyone shed light on this


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          Re: "Douglas and Son" Bagpipes

          Douglas and Douglas & Son are two different makes !

          I would not be happy to get a set of Douglas if I think I am buying a set of Douglas and Son.

          But I woulb be glad to own a scottish set !