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higher quality / more expensive practice chanters

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    Re: higher quality / more expensive practice chanters

    I got a Naill on the Trading post. Long ABW with plastic top. I got it for a very good price. I have found Murray Henderson reeds work very well in it as others have. It sounds good, but I don't spend time really tuning it. It feels good. I would rather play it than any other chanter I have had. IT feels like you playing a crafted instrument rather than a plastic toy. Not saying plastic chanters are toys, just that it feels good to play, not just with your hands.

    One big difference over plastic is that it is much less sensitive to moisture build up. You never get choking or off notes due to water in the chanter. That is a big down fall for plastic.
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      Re: higher quality / more expensive practice chanters

      Bought an expensive ABW Naill many years ago. And I later bought a Gibson poly for use with the band. I came to far and away prefer the Gibson. The Naill had tuning issues, and I had all sorts of trouble finding suitable reeds. The Gibson poly had nice tone and intonation, and was fun to play.