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FS: Naill ABW Chanter w/Victorian Engraved Silver Sole - $650 shipped

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  • FS: Naill ABW Chanter w/Victorian Engraved Silver Sole - $650 shipped

    I am parting with my 2020 Naill silver soled blackwood solo chanter.

    The halmarked sole is solid Stirling silver and is quite heavy, providing a great counter weight. The chanter is stunning visually and the hand engraving a "premium" pattern and is the most detailed you will find. A true hand crafted work of art. The blackwood is dark and flawless.

    Tonally, it's classic Naill. Sweet, crisp, responsive, stable and very very harmonic. True scale.

    The chanter is in basically new condition and is about 1 year old, but relatively little playing time. This is a newer model Naill which incorporates a few minor tweaks as a result on consultation with Glenn Brown, including a slightly sharper B and C, which corrected a common issue of these notes being a tad flat on previous models. Here is Glenn winning the 2019 Glenfiddich piobaireachd on a similar chanter.

    Why am I selling? I've always wanted to try a silver soled chanter and had this made to match my pipes. Many people love the feel of the heavy sole and I thought that I would, but after spending some time on it I decided that I prefer the lighter feel of non-soled chanters.

    I'm happy to take questions or provide additional pics. I will ship to the US for this price. For international I can get a quote based on destination.

    20210426_140645.jpg 20210426_140714.jpg 20210426_140621.jpg 20210426_142343.jpg 20210426_142402.jpg
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