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FS: McClellan Cocobolo Pipes - $1475 OBO

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  • FS: McClellan Cocobolo Pipes - $1475 OBO

    It's time to admit I don't have the time/opportunity to maintain a wooden set, and my baby deserves to be played. Hoping to sell her for enough to get a set of the revelation pipes.

    Cocobolo, original profile. Imitation jade mounts (when I ordered, Roddy said it was the last of his jade). Bronze slides & ferrules. Celtics knots on the slides, Celtics cross on the caps, CUSTOM Luther's rose on the ferrules. Truly one of a kind.

    Comes with choice of a McCallum band or MC2 chanter, Canning or Kinnaird evolution reeds.

    Bag cover, case, and cords not included.

    I'll include my blackwood chanter which took a tumble and broke, but it has the imitation jade sole if you want to get that put on a chanter in the future.

    Cracked blow pipe and chanter stocks. Still plays ok, but will need to be replaced in the near future. Roddy said he can transfer the ferrules so they'll still match. No other visible cracks. These pipes have gone from the desert to the Midwest and back. Aside from those 2 stocks, it's pretty good wood.

    $1475 + shipping, or best offer.

    Pictures available here:
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