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FS: Lee & Sons GHB, Full Holly w/ Nickel Slides - $1,300

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  • FS: Lee & Sons GHB, Full Holly w/ Nickel Slides - $1,300

    This beautiful set of Lee & Sons bagpipes is mounted in full holly with nickel slides.

    The look and grain of the wood is absolutely stunning! The blackwood is very dark and high quality. The holly is the best substitute for ivory visually that I have seen and has been coated with a varnish by the maker to add protection and a nice sheen. The grain of the holly is stunning and adds a lot of subtle visual interest. The stocks have brass rings added underneath the ferrules to add strength and prevent cracking. A very nice detail.

    As a side note, this is the exact model that Jack Lee plays. This is set #10 made by Jack's son, Andrew and is clearly marked in the bass drone cord guide. The drones are based off an exceptional set of 19th century Thow bagpipes owned by Jack. They have a wonderful full and seamless tone reminiscent to MacDougalls with a great bass presence. The pipes are remarkably steady and efficient.

    Lee and Sons pipes have been played at the highest level of both band a solo, including winning multiple Glenfiddich championships.

    I am not the original owner, but the pipes are in excellent condition with no notable digs, dents, scratches, warps, etc. Visually and tonally they are exceptional.

    I purchased them recently with the intent to keep two sets going, one for band and one for solo, but I've realized that I don't really have the time to keep two full sets going and need to direct financial resources in other areas.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions.

    Email is best: [email protected]


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