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FS: 1950's Vintage Silver and Ivory Lawrie Bagpipes $6000

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  • FS: 1950's Vintage Silver and Ivory Lawrie Bagpipes $6000

    I have a set of 1950's Silver and Ivory Lawrie bagpipes that needs a good home with someone who will look after, protect at all costs, love to play (the key word being "play), honor and respect. They are in perfect condition and have never been in harm's way. No repairs, no cracks - unique, truly classic silver work and perfect ivory. I have played these pipes personally for a number of hours and find them to be rock steady and beautifully pitched.
    They belong to a former student of mine who asked me to help him with the journey of his pipes. He no longer plays and wants them to be played - I believe the great instruments find us - not the other way around. If you are interested in more information about these bagpipes, please contact me. Asking 6000.00 US.
    I have lots of pictures and will send upon request.

    Kind regards,
    Ian Whitelaw [email protected] 310-634-9726